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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another busy Saturday
Muddy Monster at Seminole Valley Park in CR
This is the Marathon Monster group that came
out to run the Monster Mile. There were a few
more that showed up, we ended up with almost
20 participants. It was a ton of fun!
As you can see, Macy was having a blast!
She recorded a new best time of 12:04. And
she wore a costume - a Hawkeye football player!

This is me running in the 15K. I got into the
spirit of the day and wore my spiderman
costume!! Look at those muscles!
This is me finishing after 1 hour and 44 minutes
of running. Wowsa!! I actually really enjoyed
the race, despite it being a 5K loop three times.
It was a fun family day. Rich was disappointed
he didn't run and will tell you it was my fault
for not registering him (he said he didn't
want to run it, I swear!) We even won a door
prize and then Caden got some free food and
$10 gift certificate to the sporting goods store, since
he has an October birthday.
Kelbie got fourth in her age group and got a prize, Caden
finished just after her, they were both in the 8 minute range.
I was so proud of all three of them. We are ready to sign
up for next year.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Caden turned 10!!!
We had an ultimate frisbee party for him two days after his actual birthday - which we celebrated with Grandma, Grandpa, Rachel and Brennan. On his actual birthday we had Mongolian Beef and homemade french fries (per his request). And chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate chips on top.
The birthday party pictures are in reverse order, oh well!!
So these first pictures are of the game that the boys played after Rich and Brennan taught them the fundamentals of ultimate.

This picture makes me laugh because the
kid with the red bandana appears to be having so much FUN!!
This Caden doing the kickoff at the beginning of the game.
Before the game, we had the boys do some drills. They
learned all the different types of throws and we even practiced
diving catches. We blew up the GIANT silver inflatable couch and
had them jump onto that while trying to catch the frisbee.
The looks on their faces as they did this were priceless.
Every one of them makes me laugh, I just posted a couple.

After the drills, we played ultimate frisbee. Rich was captain of
the blue team and Brennan was leader of the red.


Team RED
the winners!
I am pretty sure the birthday boys team earned the win :)