iowa eskelsen

Sunday, March 11, 2007

A view of the inside of the car after the fire. Notice the lack of seats!

This is the final product that got towed to the junk yard for $100. What a mess?
So, long story short. Rich was on his way to the Offen's house to give the sacrament to Shawn
with Jacob and Alex Yancey. They got to Martelle when the faulty temperature gauge
told him the car was overheating, but he didn't think much of it. Then
the car started to make a ticking noise and turned to Alex and said that he didn't
think that was too good. Moments later, Jacob said that something on fire
had dropped from the car and then smoke began to billow into the car. Rich and the boys bailed
about two blocks from the Offens. The fire department was called and Patsy Offen took
lots of pictures.

This is Rich's car burning to smithereens on the side of Highway 1 north of Martelle.